Dream Boxes

Art Boxes

Susan Shore has been writing and performing music most of her life, but during the summer of 2009 she found herself going through a creative dry spell. In frustration and in need of creative outlet, she pulled out an old shadowbox frame, several photographic images, nails, and foam core. After assembling them into a collage, she was hooked. She’d always collected strange little artifacts, and now she could use them to create a picture of her inner life. As she made more art pieces, she moved away from working with static closed shadowboxes and towards open boxes, which allowed more interaction with her pieces. Just what is behind that little door? She discovered relationships between odd objects, vintage graphic art, bits of detritus. Now she primarily uses wooden cigar boxes as her base, working on all sides of the box, inside and out. Objects spin, photos turn around to reveal other images, doors open to reveal other doors and even more images. The frustrating lack of words and music that July night led her to discover a new way of expressing herself through images and objects.

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