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    Old 218

    Susan's first solo CD on the BuckTone label, released in 1995, features a mix of original songs and well-chosen covers by Steve Earle, Tom Waits, James McCandless. Musicians include Bob Stern (electric bass, synthesizers), Al Murphy (fiddle, mandolin), John Lake (guitars), Steve Hayes (drums), Victor Sanders (electric guitar), and James McCandless (harmony vocals).

    Book of Days

    "Iowa's Susan Shore waited a long time to make a recording of her own songs, applying the same high standard to her own work as she long has to the interpretation of other writers'. Book of Days is a mature, varied and challenging collection. From the haunting, understated Appalachian Gothic ballad of "Joseph's Girls" to the erotically charged, edgy "Alive" to the aching quality of farewell in "Shadow On My Shoulder," Susan Shore proves both a first-rate musician and an intrepid psychologist. Dark sides of masculine and feminine psychology emerge. The figure of the Father shows his face in many aspects, as powerful in his absence as his presence - an uncommon perspective. Book of Days also offers fine songs by Nathan Bell, James McCandless, and Al Day. An excellent cast of sympathetic musicians create a sound with roots in folk and bluegrass traditions, presented in spirited, nearly orchestral string settings. With Book Of Days, Susan Shore has created a work of art."--Andrew Calhoun, Waterbug Records.

    "Book of Days is a terrific achievement, a piece of work that effectively presents Susan Shore's complex world view - a peculiar sort of fatalistic optimism - and remarkable voice - bits of Emmylou Harris, the towering Kate Wolf, the least-quirky aspects of Maria Muldaur and even some of the "Jolene" and "Coat of Many Colors"-era Dolly Parton. This ranks among the best records ever to come out of Iowa." - Jim Musser, Icon. "One of the finest folk/bluegrass releases of the year" - Option
    The musicians: Susan (guitar, vocals), Marty Christensen (electric bass), John Lake (guitars), Don Stiernberg (mandolin, fiddle), accordion), Al Murphy (fiddle, mandolin), James McCandless (vocals), Al Day (vocals and guitar), Marc Edelstein (string bass),  Bob Long (organ), Sarah Allen (drums).